Keeping fit during pregnancy

I have been reading recently a lot about exercising and keeping fit during pregnancy. Doctors suggest that if you feel healthy and you have consulted your GP, exercising is good not only for the overall mum and baby’s well being, but also reduces back problems, excessive weight gain and depression! Of course, exercises should be consistent with your pregnancy – it means that you need to think safety, do moderate aerobic exercises and not push yourself. You need to make sure that you listen to your body and stop when you feel you need to. Walking, cycling, swimming, pilates and yoga are suitable to keep you fit and strong as they are safe for your body. 

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How I found out I am pregnant

The day I found out I am pregnant, I could see the biggest smile on my face ever. My dreams of being a mum were coming true. 

It happened in the middle of May. I was too much busy worrying about my final exams, rushing for job interviews and dealing with some other stuff to notice that I missed my period this time. 

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For the last couple of months,I constantly tented to have pregnancy symptoms and did numerous pregnancy tests only to get a negative. Surprisingly, I felt pregnant in a moment, when I didn’t think at all about it and didn’t realised my period was overdue by 3 days. I had no morning sickness, no pain or weakness. 

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