How I found out I am pregnant

The day I found out I am pregnant, I could see the biggest smile on my face ever. My dreams of being a mum were coming true. 

It happened in the middle of May. I was too much busy worrying about my final exams, rushing for job interviews and dealing with some other stuff to notice that I missed my period this time. 

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For the last couple of months,I constantly tented to have pregnancy symptoms and did numerous pregnancy tests only to get a negative. Surprisingly, I felt pregnant in a moment, when I didn’t think at all about it and didn’t realised my period was overdue by 3 days. I had no morning sickness, no pain or weakness. 

On this day, I walked my way home from a job interview. I felt extremely happy as the interview went very well and moreover, the next day I had my last exam. Thinking about having all the hassle behind my back, I suddenly asked myself which date is today. I checked my calendar and…OMG! How could I be so silly not to even notice it?! I rushed to the nearest pharmacy, bought a couple of pregnancy tests and literally run home.

As soon as I got home, I went to the bathroom and took one test. The positive result appeared almost immediately. Honestly, I thought I was hallucinating. To be absolutely sure, I did the second test, then the third –  each of the results indicated pregnancy. 🙂 

I was shaking like a leaf and my eyes got all in tears. The best ever moment in my life ( at least for now). I cried, because I was shocked, happy and excited. I could believe it was happening. I felt extremely emotional about I was going to be a mom. There was a little person growing inside me. I called my partner almost immediately. We both were too excited to say much, we just knew that our life would not be the same anymore.

The first few weeks I felt like dizzy – not because of sickness, but because I still thought it was just a dream. I could not wait until the 12-th week for the first scan, I wanted to make sure that all is alright as soon as possible.I went to a gynaecologist when I was almost 8 weeks pregnant. On the screen I saw our tiny little baby which was barely noticeable, but real. His/her heart was beating and I could hear it. I would never forget this moment!

Now, I am 10 weeks pregnant and I am waiting for my official scan in two weeks time. Impatient to see how much our baby has grown up. :)))

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