Keeping fit during pregnancy

I have been reading recently a lot about exercising and keeping fit during pregnancy. Doctors suggest that if you feel healthy and you have consulted your GP, exercising is good not only for the overall mum and baby’s well being, but also reduces back problems, excessive weight gain and depression! Of course, exercises should be consistent with your pregnancy – it means that you need to think safety, do moderate aerobic exercises and not push yourself. You need to make sure that you listen to your body and stop when you feel you need to. Walking, cycling, swimming, pilates and yoga are suitable to keep you fit and strong as they are safe for your body. 

Personally, I don’t like workouts which leave you breathless and shaking of exhaustion. I have tried many times going to the fitness or doing intensive cardio at home, but after a few weeks I got fed up with it and just stopped. I am not a kind of sporty person but I love walking, pilates and calanetics. Before falling pregnant, I practised them quite often which was my own way to keep fit (except trying to eat as healthy as possible). I can walk for hours, especially in the company of a good friend.

Since I am working from home, trying to make the most out of the time I have off uni over the summer and gain more valuable professional experience, I feel that I need to add more movement into my life. If otherwise, I will be lazy and tired all the time, without even doing much of psychical activity. If I only eat and sit, I would put on weight, that is not good neither for me nor for the baby. I don’t have enormous appetite but spending all my time in front of the computer does not burn calories. 🙂

What I do is trying to have at least 40 minutes of walking per day. I usually go to the park after I get up in the morning and walk around while having my cup of coffee (a week ago I bought takeaway cups specially for this). If I don’t have any plans for the afternoon, I don’t miss a chance to go out as well. It does not matter where I go – to the shopping centre, the local supermarket, park or just wandering around without any purpose – this helps me to stay active and happy. Afterwards, I feel much better not only physically, but also mentally.

Today I went to the park again. The weather was not brilliant but at least it was not raining.


And I came across a cute little mate.


Then, I got back home, did my tasks and I spent my afternoon hanging out with a close friend of mine.

Recently, I found out some very good training videos for pregnant women by BeFit and Fitappy . They are extremely good when you are busy with work, family or other commitments or you travel, and need something quick to keep you toned. You can try them, too. I promise, they are very easy and joyful to do, and not exhausting at all!

Apart from regular exercising, I aim to eat healthy meals and avoid junk stuff and takeaway food. However, if I really want to have something sweet, chips, or whatever, I don’t stop myself. Just eat it, but in small quantities. 🙂

What do you do to stay in good shape? Do you do anything special or just walk a lot like me? I would be happy to read your comments.

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