Except being a mum blogger, I also work part-time as a digital marketing specialist. I have experience in various sectors such as travelling, cleaning, retailing, properties and so on. I am happy to work with clients from different business industries and help them grow their potential and achieve remarkable results. I am also quite interested in all mummy and baby’s stuff, parenting tips and advice. So, if you have a business in this field, I would be more than delighted to get involved in your project.

I would say that the digital marketing is the contemporary method of promoting a business that takes some time to be successful, but works flawlessly if done in the proper way. This is why I am here – to assist you in boosting your online presence and create awareness of your brand.

I am particularly good at:

  • Search engine optimisation. The purpose of SEO is to develop a website that performs well on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engine machines. It involves applying different techniques that increase website’s exposure for search queries, related to a business and make it more visible to key customers. 
  • Social media marketing. Over the recent years, the influence of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter on businesses, has grown dramatically.  Nowadays, many brands utilise social media to share a variety of content (videos, images, infographics and so on) and interact with key audiences. By doing so,  they can increase their web traffic and build strong relationship with their clients. 
  • Copywriting. Creating unique and remarkable content for your website is extremely important. It is the first thing that draws the attention of your customers and encourage them to get in touch with you. It is important for two main reasons:

it is the base for setting up a good SEO strategy

-tells your target group why you are better than the competition. 

  • Blogging. Regular blogging is also important for your business because of three main things:

-improve your search engine rankings

-attract more traffic to your website

-establish your as an authority in your industry.

I have developed these skills through all the years of work experience so far. I can simply take a website through all the stages of its development – from its creation and making the design to writing the web content, optimising it, distributing and analysing its performance. I do my job with love, dedication and determination. I am always happy to hear feedback from clients, even if they have something negative to say. We learn through our mistakes, the important thing is not to repeat them!

If interested, get in touch with me to talk more about your personal needs and services you require.  You can find me on  LinkedIn, connect with me on Twitter or send me an  email. I am also in a process of creating a website which will be all about the digital marketing services I offer, finished projects, testimonials from clients and so on. I will keep you updated! 🙂